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The Advantages of Attending VIP NYN Zoom Sessions

One of our limited promotions for our Nurturing Your Niche initiative are the VIP Nurturing Your Niche Zoom sessions which will be scheduled on a weekly basis during the months of March and April 2024. The duration of each session will be 30 minutes each with an anticipated attendance of 50 individuals per session. If these sessions meet or exceed the projected attendance, we may expand the sessions into May 2024 prior to the end of the academic semester and the beginning of summer vacation. We will post our Zoom link on our NYN FB page prior to each weekly Zoom session which will address a variety of topics as well as to serve as an opportunity for attendees to ask Dr. Mary Ann Markey questions during the meeting.

We feel that the Zoom sessions will provide interested individuals with some insight into the dynamics of the individual and group sessions that Dr. Markey hosts when serving as a mentor, consultant, conflict management expert, etc. Visit her professional websites for more detailed information regarding her education and professional experience.

Note that she provides her services on a donation basis to allow individuals and/or groups access to her expertise at a time when they are least likely to be able to afford it. She seeks to express her gratitude for being able to live an exceptional and blessed life by helping others to achieve their dreams, interests and goals. Donations for regular (booked) sessions can be made through the payment options embedded into her secure websites. 

Taking a few moments to reflect, and assuming that you would be interested in attending one (or more) of the VIP Nurturing Your Niche Zoom sessions, what question would like to ask Dr. Markey about the development of the concept of NYN, the process of engaging in NYN or perhaps her personal experience in creating her own professional niche. Information acquisition and collaborative efforts can arise from the least likely of sources. Being able to generalize what you have learned in one context or situation to (seemingly) an unrelated context or situation assists in helping you to develop the skill of identifying patterns and themes which may be informally phrased as “connecting the dots.”

Dr. Mary Ann Markey