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Nurturing Your Niche by Dr. Mary Ann Markey

We’ve all heard such terms as: career consultant, life coach, mentor, academic advisor, etc. who may assume similar roles in assisting individuals who are choosing an academic major, planning their career trajectory, considering entrepreneurship, launching their own business, researching job openings, tackling the job application process,  assessing their competition for that dream job,  navigating successfully through a job interview, etc. It would seem that these decisions must be either/or which can severely limit an individual’s choices. While this assumption appears to be accurate, Dr. Mary Ann Markey has developed a unique model in which she encourages each of her clients to create their own niche both professionally and personally. It is no longer necessary to choose between options but it had become possible to combine those seemingly unrelated options into the client’s desired outcome. 

When making choices, it is wise to reflect on the following:

  1. What are my long-term hopes, and do they align with my goals?
  2. Am I willing to grow and expand beyond my comfort zone professionally and personally?
  3. How will my choices affect others and the world around me?
  4. How will my choices make a positive contribution to my own life and beyond?

Empower Your Tomorrow: Redefine Your Path, Rewrite Your Story.

Combining seemingly unrelated academic degree programs or career paths can lead to innovative and unique opportunities. Here is a list of potential combinations:

Dr. Mary Ann Markey has created her own unique niche as evidenced by her personal website which is located at drmaryannmarkey.com. She is currently accepting new clients, and scheduling convenient niche-creating sessions beginning in February 2024 which can be arranged by visiting createyournicheconsulting.com. Thirty-minute and sixty-minute sessions are available as well as introductory Q&A sessions for a fifteen-minute duration. The suggested frequency for individual niche-creating sessions is bi-weekly or monthly based upon the client’s needs and goals as well as session availability. Based upon client interest, group niche-creating sessions are currently under consideration. 

Online booking is not available at this time as we are working on that feature. Please contact me (Text or Call) at 954-821-9385 or email drmaryannmarkey@gmail.com to book your appointment. 

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