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Personal, Academic, Professional, and Career Success: The Story of You

Nurturing Your Niche (pronounced “nin”) is based upon a framework that encourages an exploration of the correlation between an individual’s identity and creative expression. 

Note that creative expression is not just associated with the arts but it can also be associated with the sciences which tends to be known by its linear approaches to reach point B from point A.

Many scientific discoveries and advancements have been achieved when a particular outcome does not occur, and the result is initially deemed to be a failure, such as the development of “sticky notes” due to glue that does not permanently adhere.

Nurturing Your Niche functions in a similar fashion using a multiple-disciplinary approach that includes (but is not limited to): reading, research and reflection in combination with guest speakers, the sharing of narratives, and interactive discussions. 

“NYN” participants investigate the nexus between various facets of identity, such as cultural and societal norms, and how they ultimately influence the creative process. 

Core value systems, academic degrees, personal and professional experiences all serve to contribute to the development of their creative practices.

Nurturing Your Niche is unique in its positive psychology approach as it seeks to address both intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns and/or conflicts while simultaneously examining interests, long-term and short-term goals particularly those which seem to exhibit no possibility of being combined into a viable and successful academic degree plan, career,  profession or life-long pursuit.

For example, one creative strategy implemented by our participants involves the diversification of degree plans in contrast to earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in exactly the same field.

Dr. Mary Ann Markey’s academic background between January 2001 to June 2011 consists of the following degrees as an example of degree diversification:

Doctorate in 2011 from Nova Southeastern University in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a focus on Crisis Management and Critical Incidents including Hostage Negotiation

Master’s Degree in 2006 from Florida Atlantic University in Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree in 2005 from Florida Atlantic University In Psychology

Associate’s Degree in 2003 from Broward College in Biology

Dr. Mary Ann Markey