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Perhaps the universality of interconnectedness could be described as The Engagement of Everything as evidenced by examples that are found in the following five categories: technology, entertainment, design, business, and science. 

Consider the technological advancements in remote learning and hybrid courses that more fully garner and maintain the attention and (active and passive) participation of students through online videos, podcasts, virtual reality programs, etc. 

Some courses require that students view these videos, podcasts, and virtual reality programs while other courses require a hands-on approach involving actually creating videos, filming/recording podcasts, and constructing virtual reality programs. 

Engagement in Technology could include virtual reality which is an immersive experience for the audience. 

A relevant presenter for this category could be a professor who instructs students on how to develop virtual reality programs. 

This concept is an example of a total sensory experience where the audience becomes a player in the program. 

Engagement in Entertainment could involve a Performing Arts School where students learn their craft (vocal and instrumental), as well as what it means to become one with the music. 

A relevant presenter for this category could be the owner/operator of a Performing Arts School who provides students with performance opportunities. 

This concept shows the level of skill that is necessary to perform professionally.

Engagement in Design could involve 3-D Street Art which depicts chasms where they don’t exist or turns boring street objects into works of art. 

A relevant presenter for this category could be an artist who specializes in street chalk drawing which causes pedestrians to circumvent non-existent pot holes, etc. 

This idea demonstrates how an audience’s response can make them part of the design experience.

Engagement in Business could involve companies who actively invite their clients to participate in their research and development that would be mutually beneficial to both.

A relevant presenter for this category could be an employee of the Space Education Society of NASA which is dedicated to attract and maintain the involvement of future astronauts.

Engagement in Science could involve scientists and researchers who study sensory engagement, such as the perceptual phenomenon of
synesthesia in which one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to an involuntary experience in another sensory or cognitive pathway. Relevant presenters for this category could be a neuropsychologist, composer, photographer or painter who all demonstrate a high level of perception regarding sensory input.

Dr. Mary Ann Markey