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Applying Business Principles While Nurturing Your Niche


  1. Incorporate a Resource-Based View through which you identify and leverage your unique talents and assets thereby allowing you to capitalize on your skills and abilities in addition to utilizing your inherent strengths and resources at your disposal. For example, you have a knack for narratives and have become successful at grant writing which allows you to submit grant proposals that are engaging and rich in detail rather than being solely dependent upon statistical data.
  2. Employ a Strategic Relocation for Optimal Opportunities so that you are able to access an environment that maximizes your potential which can be a geographical location as well as relevant markets and networks that offer the best opportunities for growth, expansion and success. Consider that cities such as Memphis and Nashville are a musical mecca and an important hub for musicians, singers, songwriters (performance) as well as the music business.
  3. Diversify and Expand Your Brand by enhancing your market presence through demonstrating your skills and expanding your offerings, For example, if your education and training focuses on ecopsychology, you could appeal to a larger audience and generate multiple income streams by advertising your expertise as a consultant for builders and urban developers who are dedicated to mitigating any negative impact on Nature in the surrounding community.
  4. Create a Community Network Effect that extends much farther than how many fans follow you on social media platforms or how many “likes” your posts receive. The goal is to develop a loyal and engaged community in which each member adds value by helping to build your network consisting of a powerful and self-reinforcing community that serves to magnify your brand. The level of their engagement is demonstrated by their participation in online discussions, blog and vlog posts in contrast to just “likes” and emojis that are more reactionary requiring less thought and effort.
  5. Invest in Personal Branding and Authenticity which resonates with your audience, thereby constructing a loyal customer base that aligns with your brand’s mission and core value system. If you violate the trust of your audience and customer base, it is unlikely that you will be able to reinstate that same level of trust ever again. It is important that they do not feel as if they have been betrayed by someone who they believed shared their values, interests and/or goals, and/or they begin to doubt their ability to determine the integrity of others.

Dr. Mary Ann Markey